Consulting partner


5-er Services GmbH
The 5e-services GmbH focusses on advice, training (business administration, management and organization), mediation and coaching of people and companies in different industries in Germany and neighbouring countries.



Cirrus Consulting
The competence of the Cirrus Group is situated in portfolio management, change management, enterprise testing, application management, IT operations / support management, hosting / tasking. The market focus of the Cirrus Group is the IT departments of medium and large enterprises.



The services offered by CONANIMA includes business development, alliance management, interim management and project coaching, and is focused on added value for customers. The strategic focus is on the market; performance and culture are organized in a sustainable business development, strengths are supported, creating added value.




NagelNetzwerke has been established in 1995 and specializes in project management and consulting services for large IT transition, rollout and outsourcing projects. In addition, we plan and execute IT projects of all kinds by all industries.




Project Competence AG
Consulting, advice and support of national and international companies and corporations in the management of projects, programs and project portfolios.



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