7 TimeWinner benefits

It has to be easy …

TimeWinner sees itself as an integral leadership system, which is used by all parties, namely the clients, the steering committee, the project management - and thus needs to support clearly very different needs and interests. Accordingly, TimeWinner was developed from the start with the maxim "as simple as possible" with an optimal and practical usability.

See for yourself!



With a high degree of transparency

Transparency of all activities and events arranged in time and accountability: Due to the standardization with TimeWinner, you also automatically increase the transparency in your project management - to the benefit of stakeholders and managers. In case an important person of a project or initiative drops out, the following person can, thanks to Time Winner, quickly and completely be brought up to speed.


A comprehensible leadership process, step-by-step

Thanks to TimeWinner, not only all the events, actions, changes, open issues and decisions are documented, but additionally all relevant leadership issues and metrics can be traced step by step up to their sources. A low index number indicates a non targeted development: With a few clicks, you can trace the course of events and get precisely and immediately all the necessary information in order to initiate the appropriate measures.


Proven leadership methodology and leading-edge IT-engineering

The TimeWinner leadership system is based on the "Theory of Constraints" by Dr. Goldratt, as well as an over many years developed and applied practical methodology of the consulting company “Project Competence AG.” Many well-known Swiss companies already steer their projects and initiatives with TimeWinner. TimeWinner therefore joins proven leadership expertise with the most advanced programming, communications and Internet technologies.


Scalable for every operational purpose

In management meetings you will be happy to work offline; for the project-specific data synchronization, you use the online platform of TimeWinner. The management and leadership responsible view the index ideally via the TimeWinner online platform. Regardless of your personal preferences and the company-specific conditions: The TimeWinner leadership system is scalable and integrates seamlessly into your IT environment.


Direct interface to industry-standard project management software

TimeWinner supports your leadership. As such, TimeWinner differentiates itself on one hand in function and operational use clearly from software solutions for project management, on the other hand TimeWinner ideally extends the project management aspect of the proactive and effective leadership and can import data or the master plans directly from all standard project management tools.


Associated services and additional training

We offer comprehensive and individual Software and customer service around the TimeWinner leadership system. You want to know TimeWinner in detail and learn to use it effectively? Visit our software training! Suddenly appearing problems to be solved? Our hotline offers you a guaranteed quick and competent assistance. Some smaller comprehension questions about the product? Take advantage of the detailed and context-sensitive software documentation.


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