TimeWinner functionality

Capture all relevant data and information

The core of the TimeWinner leadership management system is the central, permanent and systematic capture of all leadership-relevant information. With this clearly referenced data basis, TimeWinner provides you at every moment with … 

  • a proactive risk- and issue management
  • a clearly laid out change management
  • a significant progress management
  • a detailed task management
  • the planning, conducting and execution of management meetings
  • the automatic establishment and distribution of the meeting or decision minutes
  • the TimeWinner Index as measurement and benchmarking tool to maintain the leadership momentum
  • a bottleneck analysis with a complete history and traceability
  • a system for effective leadership



Pro-active risk- and issue management

What are currently the biggest risks? What events could occur and what would be the consequences? TimeWinner provides you at any time at the click of a button an instant and visual overview of all  risks and events that may occur or may have already occurred.

You can anticipate possible risks - individually or in accumulation – and can qualify these in regard to the possible effects on the triple constraint (combination of time, cost and quality of the project) and take proactive measures and monitor their implementation. If a risk materializes, it becomes an issue. In this case, TimeWinner offers a complete "Issues Management" - coupled with the capture and assessment of the immediate temporal and context-dependencies.


Clearly laid-out change management

When was what changed and why? What are the consequences of a change? Every amendment and every course correction can be followed directly and with a few clicks with TimeWinner, from the origin to the associated consequences and impacts.


Significant progress management

Are we still on track? With TimeWinner it is always possible to see the progress on your projects. With the TimeWinner cockpit, it is possible to see at a glance whether you are on schedule or with which performance you are currently implementing your project - basic information for a results-driven, proactive leadership. And if desired, you can compare your project via TimeWinner index with other corporate or similar projects.


Detailled task management

Who needs to do what task and by when? A meeting is imminent: Which tasks are still open? Will there be any open issues resulting from these ongoing issues? And how will managers recognize in complex projects quickly the direct connection between ongoing issues and risks? Remember that TimeWinner will help you to find answers quickly with intelligent automatic functions and queri



Leadership- and Progress-Meetings

Leadership is perceived primarily in management or progress meetings - whether it is with the team, management, the steering committees and governance bodies or the business or group management. TimeWinner ideally supports you in planning, convening, conducting and implementing the management meetings, writing and distributing the minutes of meetings and the progress reports.


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