TimeWinner Index

The leadership becomes measurable 

The TimeWinner Index is a leadership indicator. In this sense, the index continuously assesses the  leadership effectiveness and measures the dynamics of your leadership based on all data collected in the management information system. Analogous to a sensor, the index highlights the status of a project, program or project-portfolio at any time "T". The Index analyzes, evaluates and references different criteria and project success factors and provides an answer to the following questions:

  • Are the correct priorities set during the implementation?
  • How much room for maneuver do we have?
  • How is the management of risks and critical resources handled in a focused way?
  • How tangible and timely are decisions executed?
  • How efficient and effective are the actions implemented? 




The overall index is calculated, based on the individual project criteria, either for one or several projects, or a management initiative. Not least is the TimeWinner index suited for a direct comparison of different projects and plans, which in turn allow interesting conclusions about the performance and implementation efficiency, and additionally project, company and industry-specific benchmarks.


Instant identification of bottlenecks and pinpoint actions 

An index shows a low value? Where exactly could be the problem? Normally, that is not an easy task in complex projects. Thanks to intelligent drill-down capabilities of TimeWinner, it is however possible to quickly and accurately assess where the bottlenecks and causes of the "below average" index are. The result: The manager can take early action, act adequately and purposefully.

If there is on the contrary an “above average” index, it is possible to see exactly, how this excellent performance has been achieved. Important findings, which can be included in other projects and initiatives in the future and contribute to improved management efficiency.


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