What is TimeWinner

TimeWinner is an effective and efficient, industry-independent and web-based management tool that provides you with optimal support for the lead of an initiative, one or several projects or a project-program.



A software-based Leadership Management System

TimeWinner is a software-based Leadership Management System (LMS) that supports the execution of your projects, initiatives and leadership-tasks process-oriented with a web-based information and communication platform. 

With TimeWinner you set clear priorities, monitor the progress of your project decisively, identify and assess risks, implement mitigation tasks at an early stage and make the most of the available time. TimeWinner is characterized mainly by a standardized, transparent and systematic approach to store and implement relevant management information. At the same time, the system provides you in every situation with the right and necessary data for your leadership tasks - and thus serves as a basis for your decisio


Gain time, reduce friction, reduce costs

One of the main objectives of TimeWinner is - as the product name already suggests – is to save time! Tied, but partly untapped resources and pro-forma set buffers are detected early and can be released. At the same time, idle times can be identified and be used more wisely. All this, in order to significantly increase the efficiency of your entire project.

The direct consequence: With TimeWinner, you get your initiative or projects directly to its destination - in the allotted time, with the expected quality and within the calculated costs and budget restrictions. Validated objectives will be reached in a performance-optimized w


For projects, line management, multi-projectsand project-programms

TimeWinner is based on a long-standing, practice-based and systematic leadership methodology, which can in principle be applied to every project or initiative – regardless, whether it is a single, simple and small or very long and complex project, a taskforce-initiative, a project-program, a project-portfolio or a line task.


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