Ein small extract of our references


SIX Multipay AG
"We actively use the TimeWinner leadership system in our area - logging and managing our leadership meetings, progress monitoring and progress reporting including the task management. It turns out, that the use of TimeWinner significantly contributes to a transparent, structured, efficient and above all proactive leadership.

Dôn Nguyen-Quang,
Head of Marketing and Corporate Services


COLT Telecom AG
"The use of TimeWinner gives you the assurance, that you are well under way and shows you at any time, where initiatives have to be taken immediately. Thanks to TimeWinner, we have not only achieved massive time savings, but our operating expenses of our projects were significantly reduced."

Luzius von Salis
Director Marketing & Business Services


Swisscom IT Services AG, Bern
"We use the TimeWinner Leadership Management system since 2005 for the planning and management of our IT infrastructure projects - with great success. The linking of risks, issues and changes to applications, decisions, open issues and information is an important tool in the project. TimeWinner is fully integrated into the Project Management Model of Swisscom IT Services and integrated with, for example, information from the SAP Business Warehouse (plan / actual expenses and costs). This relieves the project manager from time-consuming routine tasks. At the same TimeWinner impresses with its simple and quick usability. 

Raphael Bischof,
Project Quality Assurance and Services


Skyguide – Swiss Air Navigation Services Ltd, Genf
«Our intention is to move three operational air traffic control units from one site to another under continuous ongoing uninterrupted operations. Within the timeframe given a rock-solid detailed planning and tracking of all actions to have the job done is elementary. With the application of Timewinner system in steering, reporting, and communication we achieve a company wide transparency for the project activities and their forecast. The resulting understanding of the consequences for everybody is key for the leadership and project success.

As a result, the first operational unit has been transferred as planned, and could start its full service within the new site by December 4, 2005 06:00 local time.»

Martin Lüthi, Head Air Navigation Services Zurich

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